Wilmington, North Carolina

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Hazardous Tree Removals

This was a large water oak damaged by a hurricane in the mid-90’s. It received further damage from untrained tree workers (improper pruning/climbing with spikes/torn branch collars/excessive flush cuts on primary unions) which added to its decline.

Once Arbor Authority took over the care of the tree, we monitored its condition with annual inspections, load reduction pruning, and general tree care for the next 14 years until its inevitable need for removal.  The homeowners valued the tree for many reasons and wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.   Early one morning the tree failed (not related to weather), and broken limbs caused property damage to the house.  We were called in to do the removal and opted to use a crane to prevent further damage in the tight work area between houses, propane tanks, and two A/C units.  We had recommended the tree be removed only 6 months earlier.


Precision tree felling

Precision tree felling between houses.

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