Wilmington, North Carolina


Tree/bush removal:  We remove dead or live trees and shrubs with chain saws or hand saws.  The tree is either dropped in one piece or climbed and pieced down with rope after the limbs are carefully removed.  Another option is transplanting your trees or replacing them with new ones.

Custom pruning:  We look at the long-term as well as the short-term health of the trees when considering pruning each tree.

Tree training:  You can improve the value of your property by creating the perfect view or look.  This is a better alternative to people who “top” their trees.  What goals do you have in mind?

Lot clearing:  Site-prep for new landscaping or new construction.

Chipping:  We will bring in our chipper to clean up small trees, limbs, or other debris.  The chips will be removed from your property or you can choose to have the chips blown into natural areas for mulch.  We also use handheld blowers to make sure each job site has a neat clean-up.

Stump grinding:  A stump grinding machine is brought in to remove the stump and sub-surface matter so you can have a clean slate to work with.  This helps level out the yard and make room for new planting.

Debris removal: Debris can be picked up by hand or with a bobcat machine and removed from your property on one of our dump trucks or trailers.

Storm clean-up:  Fallen limbs, trees, and debris can be dangerous.  We can take care of any storm damage to your property, whether it is securing wind-blown trees, removing trees out of driveways, or removing limbs off the roof.  Before the big storm hits, call us ahead of time to get all the deadwood and loose hangers out of your trees to prevent extra damage during a storm.

Insurance claims:  We will fill out a detailed report and map of your property and send it to your insurance agency for claim purposes.

Consultations:  With two degrees in biology, our owner understands the complete health of trees and gives thorough consultations, tailored to each specific client.  How do you want your property to look in 5, 10, or 20 years?  Did you know that mature trees add significant value to your property’s worth?

Residential/HOA:  We are available to all homeowners and associations and can give references.

Commercial properties:  Meeting all your needs whether it is yearly maintenance, construction consultations, or removals.  Call for more information.